Journal of Sliabh Luachra No.10


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Réamhrá 2
Clothes worn at the turn of the Twentieth Century 3
On seeing the Penny Farthing 6
Growing up around the Post Office in Rathmore 7
My life and music 13
The Blind Fiddler (Poem) 16
An Exile Returns 17
Carrigaline National School 20
The Station in Rural Ireland 24
The Greatest Turfcutter was a Kerryman 25
Blue Allen (Poem) 27
The Land War and the Plan of Campaign in Sliabh Luachra 27
Gneeveguilla village in the Rare old Times 34
Remembering the days when we went to the Fair 37
The Mower (Poem) 41
Gridlock (Poem) 41
The Great War and some local involvement 41
Survivors and Victims of the Great War 47
The Music lives on 52
Fr. Ferris – ‘Radical Priest and Glorious Character’
(Continued from issue No. 9) 54
Gaelic Games in Gneeveguilla 57
The Two Creameries 59
Part of what we were 60
In the morning of the 20th Century 64
The Gullane Stone 70
A Millenium Celebration of Vocations 72
The Knockrour Mill 74
Limeburning re-enacted 75
The Glorious Twelfth 77
An Nollaig 78
The Mass Bell 81
A Salute to Caherbarnagh 82
The lost Ten Days 84
Tom Cooper – An Extraordinary Life 85
Kilcummin Parish 90
An American comes back to his roots in Sliabh Luachra 93
The success story of Rathmore Credit Union 95
Editor’s Note and Back Copies information 97
Index of Articles 98
Patrons of Cumann Luachra102
Ar Shlí na Fírinne107

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